Cooking for a bunch of people ?

Or even run a canteen ?

Use Lunchplan to easily plan your menus !

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Welcome to Lunchplan

Friends of us decided to get their own in-house cook to efficently address the lunch problem themselves instead of relying on catering or going out to to get quality food. They needed an easy way to plan ahead, especially letting people choose between menus and getting a headcount to plan their grocery purchases. You can view their lunchplan here.


Some of the features available


Users can place a reservation up to a configurable amount of days ahead.


Automated messaging through your preferred channels: email, twitter, jabber...

Groceries List

Add ingredients to your courses and get your shopping list for the right amount of people.


Check valid reservations by simply having a look at your users phone.
For further features like payment solutions, physical verification via qr scanners, integration with your ldap or any other individual requirements, please contact us. We're happy to get you a customized version.

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Free for up to 20 Users